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Perfect taste of the qualitative and  fresh meat Flo -en! 

Fresh water from the deepth of Kosovo for absolute freshness!

About us

Ada Group is a joint stock company established in 2013 in Pristina . Seeing the lack of seriousness in production in Kosovo, Ada Group decided to raise the standards of production. Work has begun in the fields of production of meat and water.

Ada Group Products possess a good reputation and a large percentage of the market with brand Flor-en. By many of meat products , Flor - en is appreciated by consumers and excellent taste is known throughout Kosovo.

Jon water is the mark of Ada Group which provides bottled water. Water which issued from the depths of Kosovo’s land and packed with high ISO standards without affect the freshness of the water.

Jon water is filled from the same source and at the same industries where is was Schweppes filled in the past . 

Carbonated juices produced in Ada Group are brand Fresh and admired by customers because of the special taste and price are favorable . Production is done in one of the most advanced factories in Kosovo. 

What seperates Ada Group from the other , is the care in manufacturing , which is testified by the possession of international certification ISO 9001 : 2008 & ISO 22000 : 2005 and Halal . Also Ada Group is dedicated to the investment of its staff, who are professional fields relevant.

Furthermore, the Ada Group invests in staff training and checking their work, which is the standard endorsed by the Food and Veterinary Agency and the National Institute of Public Health of Kosovo. 

In the near future Ada Group also plans to enter other areas of production. Special focus will have milk and cookies.

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